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Chapter Gun
It's an anagram, don't you know?
21st-Mar-2009 11:13 pm
so last night was nathan's 18th. it was pretty awesome. i took jayden along to meet all mah hot az friends. he was ttly worried about remembering everyone's name etc but he did pretty good. i trained him beforehand though, telling him who he'd be meeting and their names and stuff about them. i think it helped? i also beat the shit out of him at mario kart. "i let you win" he says. that is a lie. cos i fking pwn at it. :)

we started at bojangles and ate 'n' shit, and everyone met jayden. annie thought he was a real looker. so i win at life. everyone approves. mum thinks he doesn't talk much, but thats cos he doesnt have anything to say to her. :D i also asked him a lot of trick questions about what i should wear to nathan's. ha. i'm horrid.

anyway, started at bojangles. moved onto 'your break' which is a new pool hall we randomly have. it had a lot of bogans. annie and i vs'd jayden and katie at foozeball. we lost. only by 2 though. most of their points were scored by us though... so... whatever. :D then we moved onto the seanachi, and we managed to seize one of those boothy things to sit in. so we sat in it. there was a lot of us, but we fitted. grand. i had a LLB+vodka. good stuff. then we went to the loft. some crazy rockabilly punk band called SIN CITY were playing and they went off. the singer was totally hardcore - she had the rockabilly hair and shoes and red lips and tattoos and fishnets. i liked her. the drummer and the bass player were not wearing shirts. not that awesome. then we went home at 1 cos everything was closing except the gal, but its like $8 to get in and not that great. so katie drove us home etc and aradie stayed the night. she'd had 4x what i had. she was funny. haha. i only got a couple photos. maybe upload later yes. dunno. k.

tonight i did not much. played through my entire repetoire of ukulele songs. that was fun. and veeted my legs. wiiiinraarrr. tomorrow? who knows. BUT I AM SEEING HANNAH AND I MISS HER SO VERY MUUUCCCHH SHES HAVING A DINNER WITH MEEEEE YAY

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