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Chapter Gun
It's an anagram, don't you know?
the wicked die alone 
8th-Apr-2009 07:49 pm

I wish I could blog more often. But I think I'm crap at it, so that's not gonna work out good for the boths of us.

I leave for London in 6 days! 5 really, seeing as this one is almost over. It's a bit fuckin' scary, really. I haven't been overseas in years. Not since late 07. So everything'll be a bit new and special, amirite? Also I want more flippin' friends on BuzzNet. I have like, 64. And no-one talks to me anyway.

Yesterday I donated blood. Went at about 2.30, was gonna twitpic it but remembered I'd changed my Twitter username (twitter.com/gretastardis) and my twitpic e-mail had therefore changed. So I couldn't. Next time, though. Anyway, later that night at about 10.30 or 11, I was in Jayden's kitchen and suddenly I felt really amazingly tired, and nearly fell forward onto the bench. Everything was swimming around my eyes and I totally freaked out and so did Jayd, and I had to sit down. I was confused as all hell for a while, but realised that maybe it had to do with the fact I donated a lot of blood earlier and therefore was lacking. I decided to go right to bed after that. It was kind of a big deal. Scary. Hilarious in the aftermath, I thought. Jayden, not so much. :3

Anyway, seeing as tomorrow I have 5 days til I leave, mum decided to have Liam+Hannah sleepover funs. We're gonna have stir fry and watch stuff on the telly. Maybe Buffy. Prolly Buffy. Buffy is cool. I think I might make cookies, as well.

Got my hair did on Monday, too. It's bright red again. Makes me sad when it's not, cos it goes faded bogan orange, and that is not wonderful. Not at all. So hopefully I don't need to redye it until I get back from hollydaze.

Whitley rules.

I love you.



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